As a part of our upcoming Art/Work Association programme, artist and A/WA member Ebun Sodipo will host a series of dinners aimed at bringing together a small group of Black trans women and femme artists living and working in London. The main aim of these dinners is to forge long lasting supportive networks and relationships between Black trans women and femme artists, to share in resources and knowledge, and to keep the door open for each other and those who come after.

If you are interested in taking part in these dinners, and are able to commit to at least 5 bi-weekly dinners beginning in August, please send an email of interest + any access needs to info@artworkassociation.org by Friday 30 July 2021. Spaces are limited, participation on first come first serve basis.

In Ibaṣepọ: a Yoruba word that gestures towards being together, sharing together, creating together.

Ebun Sodipo makes work for those who will come after: the black trans people of the future. Their sprawling practice, encompassing film, performance, installation, fiction, poetry, and sound, is focused on devising new language with which to imagine and speak about the body, creating new modes of thinking and feeling the past, and filling, in some way, the gaps and breaks of the archive(s) of modernity, all pertinent technologies for those with a subjugated history. Their work has been shown and read at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning Centre, Narrative Projects, Raven Row, Bernie Grants Art Centre, South London Gallery. They have written for Shades of Noir, Arcadia Missa’s How To Sleep Faster, Auto Italia and Afropunk.