Art/ Work Association (A/WA) is an association of artists and creative workers and a self-generated programme of talks, screenings, seminars, reading groups, workshops and critical feedback sessions, conceived as a forum for peer exchange. A/WA offers a support network for associates and enables self-organised learning, professional development and critical dialogue.

Sessions take place at:
Auto Italia Project Space, 44 Bonner Rd, London E2 9JS

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Recent Sessions

3rd August 2016, 7-9pm at Auto Italia
In the present, pornography is pedagogical and produces the sexuality it represents. Patriarchal and binary biological and neurological narratives of dominant/active males, coy/passive females, and pathologized queer behaviour greet us on the home pages of popular porn websites, together with colonial narratives of the exoticised and fetishised other.

Sunday 15th May 2016, Auto Italia 44 Bonner Road

with presentations by Ruth Angel Edwards and Saira Edwards, led by Evan Ifekoya.