Art/ Work Association (A/WA) is an association of artists and creative workers and a self-generated programme of talks, screenings, seminars, reading groups, workshops and critical feedback sessions, conceived as a forum for peer exchange. A/WA offers a support network for associates and enables self-organised learning, professional development and critical dialogue.

Membership to A/WA is free and open to all. Events and sessions are run with a semi-public format to foster conversations that may not be possible within a wider public context, or at larger-scale cultural institutions and galleries. A/WA welcomes proposals and ideas for new events from all associate members – as well as offering time, resources and support to develop and realise sessions from a voluntary steering committee. All events are free to attend and places are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

A/WA is currently led by a steering committee of associates: Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman, Poppy Moroney, Goncalo Lamas, Jessie Harris, Dan Ward and Elliott Zabaroff.

Art/Work Association is run in partnership with Auto Italia South East, and developed from conversations begun in 2011 by Kate Cooper, Richard John Jones, Katie Guggenheim and Timothy Ivison.

Previous steering committee members have included Marleen Boschen, Olivier Castel, Kate Cooper, Katie Guggenheim, Cassandre Greenberg, Tim Ivison, Richard John Jones, Matt Welch and Julia Tcharfas, Elinor Cantrill, Hiba Ismail, Antonio De La Herra .


If you would like to become an A/WA group member, find out more about our programme or get involved with organising sessions, please get in touch!

Contact edward (at)