Crit #9
Sunday 15th May 2016, Auto Italia 44 Bonner Road

with presentations by Ruth Angel Edwards and Saira Edwards, led by Evan Ifekoya.

Crit #8
28th November 2015,

Presentations by Liza Eurich and Christopher Kirubi, led by Huw Lemmey.

Crit #7
25th July 2015,

Presentations by Ali Eisa and Aaron Tan, led by Sadie Murdoch.

Crit #6
27th June 2015,

Presentations by Cassandre Greenberg and Jasmine Johnson, led by Chris McCormack.

Crit #5
16th May 2015, 2-4pm

Presentations by Millicent Hawk and Billy Howard Price, led by David Ferrando Giraut.

Crit #4
March 15th 2015,

Presentations by Susanna Davies-Crook and Goncalo Lamas, led by Daniel Rourke.

Crit #3
January 18th 2015,

Presentations by Ali Eisa and Leah Clements.

Crit #2
9th November 2014,

Presentations by Sarah Boulton and Robert Carter + Lauren Velvick.

Crit #1
6th September 2014,

Led by Simon Bedwell with presentations by Nat Carey and George Moustakas.