June - July 2021

Cher-ing is Caring is a new series of crits providing an open and informal space to share live work at any stage of development. Each Cher will facilitate the presentation of live works across mediums, offer opportunities to receive feedback from peers, and create opportunities connect to artists working in live formats across the UK.

1st June 2021

Cher-ing is Caring is organised by artist and A/WA member Nick Harris. Its first session is hosted by A/WA.

Nick Harris is a multidisciplinary artist, producer, musician and composer. His performance, photographic, live and curatorial work investigates collective community practices, highlighting the role social behaviours play in shaping our sense of identity. He ran away with Zippo’s circus in 2016, undertaking rigorous physical training to become a clown. In 2016, after leaving the circus, he co-founded the peripatetic cabaret event performanceClub with Marius Hermansen, which he produced and curated until 2019.

Harris has performed at galleries and events nationally, including: The Horse Hospital, The Glory, Cell Project Space, Raven Row, London; Supernormal Festival, Oxford; and The Royal Standard, Liverpool. Throughout 2016 – 2018, he engaged extensively in rehabilitative performance work within European Refugee Camps. In 2020, he started broadcasting a monthly radio show, isoTank, on Montez Press Radio to an international audience. He can often be found behind a piano in London venues, performing his own compositions accompanied by his long-time collaborator, the leading cabaret artist Ms Sharon Le Grande.

6th July 2021

The second session of Cher-ing is Caring is organised and hosted by artist and A/WA member Nick Harris. If you would like to Cher work at a future session please get in touch.

This session is free to attend and will be held on Zoom. Please register by emailing info (at) artworkassociation.org. Registered attendees will receive the link 10 minutes in advance of the discussion. The following artists will be Cher-ing work in this session:

Samra Mayanja is an artist and writer based in Leeds who’s central concern is what moves us and what it is to be moved. Her work spans writing, performance and film and is an effort to commune disparate voices and to generate around and beyond what’s inconceivable, lost or arrives in tatters.

Rizzla La Fizz is a drag artist living and studying in London, hailed from Hastings, a grubby little seaside town in the South. In their performances, they try to recreate the seedy charm of the seaside town, and the sexuality, vulgarity and fishy euphoria that can come out of it. In their most recent performance they explore gender identities and sexuality through the story of a one night stand with a Jelly Fish. They are currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art.