4th May 2021


In this session co-hosted by Liquid, artist Emma Wolf Haugh will share their WIP spoken video work Libidinous Memorial Flag and explore recent research into non-reproductive public spaces of sexual pleasure. This session has been organised by A/WA member, curator and member of Liquid, Daniel Bermingham.

This session is free to attend and will be held on Zoom. Please register by emailing info (at) artworkassociation.org. Registered attendees will receive the link 10 minutes in advance of the discussion

Emma Wolf-Haugh is a visual artist, educator and writer based in Berlin and Dublin and working internationally. Emma’s work is shaped by economic necessity, engaging forms of recycling, thrift and ephemera that result in soft modularity, wild archiving, and performative intervention, posing questions about value, accumulation, and authorship. They see a cultural centring of thrift as part of a tradition of queer-working class vernacular and ethics, promiscuous and adept at working within limitations. Their pedagogical and publishing work posits the imagination as a political tool with radical potential that can exist and erupt anywhere and at anytime.

Liquid is a curatorial project that explores expressions of intimacy in the private and public realms, in our digital and offline lives.