29th November 2014

This workshop is intended for anyone who finds themselves confronted with the delights and terrors of ‘public’ speaking: lecturer, raconteur, performer,  keynote, vox-pop, expert, tutor, spokesperson, dictator, etc.  It will address a range of practical issues including: how to deal  with nerves, how to maintain audience attention, how to use scripts and/or visuals (or not), how to be (or at least appear) spontaneous, and how to use voice and body to communicate effectively.  The workshop will give you a chance to reflect on your current performance practice and to learn both from each other and from the workshop leader.  The overall aim is that you will run your future teaching/performance/evil empire with greater assurance, self-confidence and success.

The workshop will be led by Angus Cameron, an interdisciplinary academic who has presented all sorts of stuff in all sorts of venues to all sorts of audiences for over 22 years.  Participants are asked to prepare a three minute (or less) presentation (without visuals) outlining what they want to get from the session, why, and what aspects of their performance they think they want to improve.