5 March 2024, 19:00

Join Art/Work Association’s next session on Tuesday 5th March for ‘Sculpting Form: In Conversation with Folu Odimayo’

In this event, dancer and choreographer Folu Odimayo will discuss the parallels between choreography and sculpture. He will examine a range of methods used by choreographers to explore the concept of embodiment in dance and movement practice, and how this spatial practice relates to sculpture making. This will reflect on approaches to interpreting space within multidisciplinary practices, and the relationship between choreography, emotion and psychology.

This event has been organised by artist Milo Kester. The session is free to attend and will be held on Zoom. Please register by emailing info(at)artworkassociation.org.⁠

Folu Odimayo has worked as a professional dancer and performer over the last 6 years, working with dance and theatre companies including Punchdrunk: The Burnt City, Russell Maliphant Dance Company, Michael Keegan Dolan, National Dance Company of Wales and Balletboyz. Folu’s work extends into the world of film and music video, and he has worked with artists including Grian Chatten, Fontaines DC, Emili Sande and Kaeto.  Brand highlights include Dazed x Moncler 1975 and Hublot. Folu’s interests stretch into the realms of creating, directing and choreographing for film, music video and live theatre, and explore storytelling, mythology and loaded imagery. 

Milo Kester explores ideas of non-human agency and intelligence, folklore, storytelling, science and ecologies. His practice is based in making; playing with form, mass, balance and material, he explores the boundaries between sculpture, painting and drawing. Milo graduated from Goldsmiths’ College in 2018. Recent exhibitions include The Petrifying Well, OHSH Projects South and Threads, SET New Cross and residencies at SVA, Stroud and a free studio prize at SET Woolwich. He lives and works in London.