31st January 2019

Please join us for an evening of conversation shared over a simple meal, joined by curator of the Archive Gallery at Whitechapel Nayia Yiakoumaki. 

The premise of this evening will be a discussion around the life span of objects – looking into how our interests or relationships towards objects are formed as a community of artists and makers, why we make them and what we feel about their life span. We will explore what happens to objects after we have made them and where they end up – whether that be within a public or private collection or simply thrown away into landfill.  

This evening of meal and conversation was born out Daisy Young’s year long Jonathan Harvey studio award with ACME.

Daisy Young is a fine art graduate based in South London. She is interested in sustainability, the life span of objects and what happens to the objects she makes after she has made them. This line of enquiry often leads her to explore materials which have a short permeance or that can be returned to the ground from which they came. Between 2017-18 she was the recipient of the Jonathan Harvey studio award which is where she was able to developed her ideas for this event.

Nayia Yiakoumaki is Curator and Head of Curatorial studies at Whitechapel Gallery UK, where she has established an innovative programme of archive research exhibitions.She annually devises the NEON Curatorial Exchange & Award, an initiative which fosters professional relationships for emerging curators, founded by NEON organization and delivered by the Whitechapel Gallery. Nayia co-directed the Athens Biennale organisation 2016 – 2017 as Director of Research and International Networks.She is currently working on the exhibition Queer Spaces: London, 1980s –Today which will be presented at the Whitechapel Gallery in April 2019.