20th March 2016

A Chronolith™ Foundation Space Threshold Initiative

The Cosmology of People, and the Time Travel Solution
– An experiment in consciousness and culture.
Just as there is a superposition of multiverses at the core of every neuron in the brain there is a composition of cosmologies at the nexus of every human option. This is the basis of our explorations.

As far as we understand it the likelihood of being able to travel to far reaches of our galaxy or indeed any galaxy by any means be it through wormholes or with exotic space-time manipulations seems remote. The problem is not so much in the actual mechanisms of space-time trickery but in the navigation between points. Space is pretty empty. There is very much more of it between things like planets and stars and galaxies than what those things occupy. It may be our destiny, in the long run, not to come back from our journeys or be able to repeat them. By moving out into space we will be exploring the further reaches of coincidence to make the human experience more fulfilling.  The random journeys of future humans will be the next stage of their growth as beings. But that stage is remote from here. We have more pressing concerns, namely, how to get beyond the threshold of low Earth orbit and to survive both there and on Earth. We use our consciousness directly, of course, through physics and mathematics but perhaps we can employ the experience of consciousness more obliquely to work around the space threshold problem. Consciousness contributes not only to the material structures we have to work with but also to the temporal narrative that we experience. There is one region of the temporal narrative of interest to us, responsible for, among many things, our stable minds, our creative impulses and our appreciations among the flux of histories and the sway of stars, namely, the future.’
from Andrew Kennedy’s, The Cosmology of People, and The Time Travel Solution

Andrew Kennedy and Billy Howard Price are sharing a mixed media presentation of some themes taken from Kennedy’s book The Cosmology of People, and The Time Travel Solution, to describe in particular the Chronolith™ Observatory and its experimental protocol.

The background to this experiment ranges from space travel and artificial intelligence to how you make your friends and the multiverse scenarios of an infinite number of yous marching through infinity. Attendees will be participants at the very beginnings of the experiment and will be invited to continue their participation up to and beyond the presentation of the very first Chronolith™.

Andrew Kennedy is an author and independent researcher, inventor of games, with a switching patent to his name, and creator of the TO8, analysing predictive human personality systems from a Darwinian perspective. He is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and interested in how humans get into space. He founded the Chronolith™ Experiment in 1997. His latest work is The Cosmology of People, and the time travel solution.

Billy Howard Price is a video artist and musician from London. He graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2013.

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