May & July 2014

The proposed work structures lie somewhere between creative practice and enterprise. They are a complex system of management: funding streams, admin, space, public engagement, durational existence and the question of artistic practice. The aim of the series will be to engage a number of projects in a discussion, asking how their formulas were achieved and what in essence their work structure allows. Launching this Labor Day (May Day), you are invited to be part of a series of discussions on the practical issues of an ‘experimental’ enterprise.

3rd July 2014

Ed Baxter began as a sculptor and conceptual artist before he created and ran Resonance 104.4 FM, an experimental arts and sound radio station in London. Resonance programming is directed by Baxter with over 300 volunteer staff. It is supported by the London Musicians Collective and Arts Council England.

29th May 2014

Octavo Books practices a unique bookshop model, originated and run by Boris Jardine, a History of Science Curator at the Science Museum in London. Based on intensive historical research and drawing on a large private collection, Octavo offers only a few rare and important books at a time. A new web project is underway that will archive the work of running Octavo Books, sorting its research and images into a series of reading lists, syllabi and other resources.

15th May 2014

Mark Pawson has been experimenting with self-organized museums and collections for over 30 years. His extensive and unique library of printed matter includes zines, mail art, small press art publications, and a large number of miscellaneous print phenomenon. Mark also creates his own books, and distributes hard to find artist books. Mark has recently ‘unboxed’ his archive in a solo exhibition at Xero Kline & Coma.

1st May 2014
Heather Ring is a landscape architect and the Creative Director of Wayward Plants – a London-based landscape, art and architectural practice – an award-winning collective of designers, artists and urban growers. Their work spans from the design and production of large-scale public spaces to urban gardens and installations, including the Urban Physic Garden, Union Street Urban Orchard and Helsinki Plant Tram.