September – December 2017

This evening workshop, led by Black Shuck, will introduce participants to using colour grading software and similar post-production techniques in their work.

The techniques and concepts learned will be fundamental to artists working in film, and mixed media, seeking to improve their experience and understanding of post-production. During the course of the session, participants will be given a practical overview of a range of techniques and workflows, many of which can be cheap and readily available. This will include a bit of time looking at examples, as well as participants bringing their own work and experimenting with software. There will be a brief introduction towards film/video post-production, though the main focus of this session will be on colour grading.

Black Shuck is a co-operative that produces moving image, audio and digital projects.It is owned equally by all of its members who support each other to produce work, learn new skills, earn a fair wage, and provide affordable services.

27th September 2017