→ Dream Babes
Drag is embodied speculative fiction, clubs are queer heterotopias, pornography is pedagogy, and queer collectivity is a means of survival.
→ Post Cinematic Orientation
Is the cinema a defunct cultural site, and has the internet as a screen based distribution network replaced it? If so, what does this mean for the production of film and its audience? What could the artistic response be to this shift, perhaps via reclaiming a commodified network or modelling new ones from previously unused production values?
As more and more exhibitions are seen through on-screen documentation rather than through physical encounter, how are art’s publicity formats being transformed? HIGH VISIBILITY is a new series examining how hybrid advertising-based business models have shaped the circulation of art and what the accelerated development of media technology might mean for the relationship between art, its markets and its publics.
→ Future Polities
In this series of readings and workshops, we discuss future polities and social structures as imagined by Science Fiction writers, hear from cultural theorists and those currently engaged in living experiments.
→ The Real Estate Show: Seminars on Art + Urban Development
A series of investigative seminars on urban development and its relationship with art and the creative industries. Through a series of thematic lectures and discussions, the season explores the intersections of housing, gentrification, public space, and large-scale urban development through the lens of artistic production.
→ Work Structures
The proposed work structures lie somewhere between creative practice and enterprise. They are a complex system of management: funding streams, admin, space, public engagement, durational existence and the question of artistic practice. This series engages a number of projects in a discussion, asking how their formulas were achieved and what in essence their work structure allows.